A Look at Repairing Your Foundation With Slab Jacking

If you're worried that the cracks in your foundation are a sign of foundation damage rather than just cosmetic issues, you may be concerned about the safety of your house and the cost of foundation repairs. The first step is to talk to a foundation repair contractor to verify your home has foundation damage and to recommend the appropriate repairs.

In some cases, lifting the concrete with cement slurry or foam is an effective, quick, and more affordable way to repair a sunken foundation. Here's how this type of foundation repair works.

Slab Jacking Stabilizes the Soil

One of the reasons a concrete slab can sink and cause cracks and other damage is because the soil under your house shifts. A void may form as the soil is washed away or becomes compacted. The cause of this problem could be due to improper soil preparation before building your home, poor drainage around your house, or extreme weather conditions such as a drought or flood.

Whatever the reason for the soil displacement that allows your slab to sink, slab jacking can help stabilize the soil. This is done by pumping a mixture under the slab that fills the void in the soil and levels the ground beneath your foundation.

The Process Isn't as Disruptive as Other Repairs

Any work on your foundation will be disruptive to some degree, but slab jacking is one of the least disruptive methods of repairing your foundation. It requires drilling holes in the concrete so the foam or slurry can be pumped under the slab. There is no digging, bracing, or lifting your entire home needed. The work goes fairly fast, so your life isn't disrupted too much either. With certain types of foundation repair, you may need to leave your home for a few days for safety reasons.

In addition, the cost of slab jacking is less than other types of foundation repair methods. The cost varies according to how much work your foundation needs, but you can expect to pay less than you would for placing piers under your house.

Concrete Lifting Raises and Levels Your Foundation

As the foundation repair contractor fills the area under the slab with foam or slurry mix, the slab slowly lifts up. The contractor controls the progress of the slab so the resulting foundation is level. Once the slab is level again, the holes used to pump in the mixture are filled. If cracks are present, those can be filled in too so bugs and moisture can't get through the cracks and in your house.

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