Dealing With Undercarriage Issues That Cause Equipment Wear And Damage

The undercarriage of your machinery is important and needs to be well-maintained. Sometimes, there are issues that require repairs before they cause failures. There are various parts of equipment undercarriages that wear out and eventually need to be replaced to keep machines running. The following undercarriage upkeep and repair information will ensure problems don't cause failures and equipment downtime:

Dealing with Damaged Metal Plates

The undercarriages of heavy machinery are vulnerable to damage due to harsh work environments. Thus, heavy steel skid plates and components are used to protect the mechanical components. Over time, these skid plates and other steel plate components can be damaged on the underbelly of equipment. These are some of the most common undercarriage repairs that need to be done as machinery begins to wear. Sometimes, the undercarriage damage may require steel plate welding and fabrication to repair the damage and keep your equipment running.

Replacing Failing Gears and Bushings

Undercarriages also have many gears, bushings, and bearings used for mechanical movements. These parts need to be greased regularly to reduce wear and ensure the equipment is working properly. Eventually, parts like gears and bearings will wear out and need to be replaced as part of routine undercarriage repairs. Regular inspections of the undercarriage when greasing parts will help you catch problems and have them repaired before they cause severe damage.

Repairing Issues with Damaged Track Cleats

The tracks of heavy machinery use cleats that are like shoes of the track system. Over time, the cleats of steel tracks need to be replaced due to wear. In addition to the cleats, other components of the undercarriage track system may need to be repaired. When worn cleats need to be replaced, other components like idlers, rollers, and guards need to be inspected. The sprockets are other track components that may wear out and need to be replaced.

Dealing with High-Wear Parts That Fail

Undercarriage assemblies have some high-wear parts that need to be repaired often. These components are things like cleats, links in chains, and sprockets. Some parts like front sprockets may wear faster than other parts and need to be repaired. The excessive wear of these parts could also be a sign of more severe problems with the undercarriage that need to be repaired.

The maintenance of undercarriages is important, and parts often need to be replaced. Contact an undercarriage repair service for help with the upkeep of your equipment to ensure it is working when you need it.

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