Maintaining Your Commercial Truck Trailer

Truck trailer maintenance is an important responsibility for owner-operators as well as fleet managers. Meeting the maintenance needs of the trailer will be far less complicated than the maintenance requirements of the mechanical components, but they will still have to be met to keep the vehicle running.

Changing Rear Lights

The rear lights of the trailer are essential for alerting the drivers behind the truck of what it is doing. If these lights are not working properly, there can be a high risk of the driver being involved in an accident or facing an expensive fine. One of the most common reasons for these lights to not work can be due to the bulbs burning out. This is a simple repair that may only take a few minutes for these services to complete. Unfortunately, the lights may also have failed due to an electrical problem with the trailer's wiring, and this can be a more complicated problem to have addressed.

Servicing Refrigeration Systems

A trailer that is used to transport food or other temperature-sensitive items will likely utilize a refrigeration system that will be able to keep the interior of the trailer cool. A faulty refrigeration system could cause the cargo that the driver is moving to rapidly deteriorate. Depending on the products, this could start within a couple of hours. Arranging for the refrigeration system of the trailer to be serviced regularly will be necessary to avoid this extremely costly failure. Many trucks that haul refrigerated trailers will have a panel in the cabin that can allow the driver to easily monitor the temperature of the cargo. These systems are useful for providing the driver with information, but they will need to be periodically tested to ensure that they are giving accurate readings.

Repairing Routine Body Damage

Every truck trailer will experience some damage as a result of routine wear and tear. An example of this type of damage could be the development of dents on the floor of the trailer. These dents could make it difficult to load some types of cargo in a way that will be stable. Corrosion can be another common type of body damage that the trailer could experience, and it can eventually cause the trailer's body to weaken. Luckily, it is possible to repair most instances of corrosion by simply removing the rust from the metal and applying a coating to keep it from returning. A truck trailer maintenance service like A 24-7 Repair Services will be able to help you evaluate your trailer for signs of body

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