How A Water Damage Restoration Company Helps With A Laundry Room Water Disaster

If the water line to your washer pops off, or if your washer overflows on the floor, you might have to deal with a lot of water damage depending on how quickly you discover the problem. If the floor or walls in your laundry room have soaked up water, consider calling a water damage restoration company for help. Here are some steps they may take to clean up the damage.

Look For Hidden Water

Fortunately, a laundry room is usually pretty small, so extensive restoration might not be needed unless water has flowed into nearby rooms. One of the first things the restoration company does after ensuring there is no electrical risk in the area is to find out where water is located so it can be removed and all the wet areas dried out.

Remove Water

The water damage restoration company may bring in wet vacs to pull water out of the laundry room and other rooms affected. A restoration company can use vacuum mats and other equipment to pull water out of flooring from behind walls. Once visible water is removed, the company may set up floor dryers and let them blow warm air on the floor or wall for several hours.

Remove Soaked Materials

The water damage restoration company might have to tear out old flooring and drywall if they've been damaged by water. Laundry rooms are usually made to tolerate water spills, so if your room has waterproof flooring, the only thing the floor may need is to be dried off.

If you have base cabinets in your laundry room, they need to be dried thoroughly or removed, or mold might grow in them and give your laundry room a musty odor.

Restore The Room

The restoration process depends on the type of laundry room you have and how much water damage the room received. If your laundry room is in an upstairs closet, the restoration company may need to put in a new floor and repair the ceiling underneath it. You might need new carpet if the water flowed into a bedroom. However, if you have a dedicated laundry room that was built with waterproof flooring, there might not be a need for a lot of restoration work. If you do need to put in new flooring, you may want to choose tile or waterproof vinyl so you don't have to worry about water damage to the floor again.

When you work with a water damage restoration company to get your laundry room dried out and repaired, your room can look like it did before the water disaster with little effort on your part. Plus, you can avoid problems with mold and odors due to the fast efforts of the professional cleanup crew.

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