What To Do After A Pipe Bursts

If you have a pipe that bursts in your home, you will want to take action right away. A burst pipe can cause a lot of water damage and serious harm to your home. It is important to take appropriate action right away.

Turn Off the Water

The first thing you should do when a pipe burst is turn off the water. If a supply line bursts that provide water to your sink, for example, you may be able to get away with just turning off the water to the sink. If it's a line that runs from the mainline, you have to turn off the water to your entire house. Don't fret about not having water; it is better to stop the flow of water that is damaging things than it is to leave the water on. Turn off the main water line to minimize the damage.

Turn off the Electricity

Second, it is essential to remember that water and electricity do not mix, so you will want to turn off the electricity to your home as well. At least turn off the electricity to any house area where the water has impacted that space. You don't want anyone to get electrocuted while you're getting things cleaned up.

Remove Items

If the pipe burst somewhere where things are stored, you will want to move all of those items right away. The sooner you move them from where all the water is, the better chance you have of those items drying out. Also, getting rid of furniture and belongings will make it easier to clean up the water and dry out the structure of your home. Take them somewhere safe, such as another room, or out to your garage, until you have time to properly deal with them. 

Document Everything

As your brain is in fixing mode, you are going to be busy cleaning things up. However, don't forget to document the damage as you go with pictures and videos. This will be important for your homeowner's insurance claim. 

Get Rid of the Water

Finally, start to get rid of the water. This is where professional help is really necessary, although you can get started on this step while waiting for a restoration team to arrive and assist you. 

If a pipe bursts, follow the steps above and then bring in a burst pipe damage restoration team to take care of the rest of the job for you. A burst pipe can cause a lot of damage, so it is essential to turn off the water and quickly work to clean things up and get things back to normal.  

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