Have An Overflowing Basement Toilet With Waste Spewing In Your Home? Call A Water Restoration Company First

Did you have an overflowing toilet in your basement and now you have water and waste that you can't clean up on your own? Call a water damage restoration company fast. They have the staff, expertise, and resources to clean up the area fast.

You should never handle any greywater removal on your own. It contains many health hazards and is toxic not just for people but also for the environment. Here are a few things a water restoration company can do to help when you have a basement toilet flooding your space.

Water Extraction

The team will work rapidly to extract all the waste and water from the space. This means not just removing stagnant water, but also suctioning the moisture out of walls, insulation, carpeting, and other materials if possible. The sooner the team starts, the easier it will be to contain any bacteria and mold.  

Hazardous Waste Removal

If you have sewage and potentially mold, the materials that absorbed the waste and were exposed to the flooding need to be removed. A dumpster may not be enough. Ask the water damage company if they plan on removing all the debris in the quote and the final cost.

Sanitizing Treatment and Fogging

Antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments will be used on the areas that were affected. It will be applied to the surfaces and fogged in the air and throughout the ventilation system. This is going to kill the dangerous bacteria from the waste and kill mold that is starting to develop from the moisture.

Ventilation Cleaning

A furnace in the basement or any vents that were exposed to the waste may have circulated some of the bacteria from the flood. You want to have the filters changed on your HVAC appliances, and the ducts throughout the ventilation system treated with a cleaning agent. This way you don't have hazardous air circulating throughout the home.

The sooner you act, the easier it will be for the water damage team to clean up your property properly, and the more materials they may be able to save. There are a lot of problems that can occur when your toilet starts flooding, and you have waste and greywater invading your living space. The experts will have the necessary protective gear and tools to address the situation quickly, so make sure a water damage restoration team is your first call when you notice flooding. 

For more info about water damage, contact a local company. 

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