Should You Repair Or Replace Your Damaged Stone Countertops?

Countertops can make or break a kitchen. While big-ticket items, such as cabinetry and appliances often take center stage, countertops can dramatically affect the room's character and functionality. Installing new countertops can be a great way to perform a kitchen makeover, but what if your home already has beautiful stone countertops? 

Natural stone countertops can be lifetime materials, so damage to these expensive kitchen components can often be disheartening. If the countertops in your kitchen show noticeable signs of wear or severe damage, you might be asking an important question: Can you repair them, or should you install all new countertops? This guide will shed some light on this challenging issue.

Why Should You Consider Repairing Your Countertops?

Replacing your countertops can come with a few benefits, such as getting a chance to change the style of your kitchen. However, new countertops are expensive, and you'll often need to replace all the countertops in your kitchen to avoid a mismatched look. These expenses can be a major drawback, especially if you only need minor repairs to your existing countertops.

Since stone is such a durable material, you don't need to go to this extreme to restore your kitchen. Chips, cracks, and even major fissures are all repairable damage, although more complex issues may require more extensive repair work or professional attention. However, since replacing a stone countertop can cost thousands of dollars, even a major repair can save substantial money.

The long life of stone countertops is another compelling reason to consider repairs over replacement. While stone can be expensive to install, this initial cost amortizes over the life of the material. By repairing your countertops, you'll extend their useful life and get more value from your initial purchase and installation cost.

Do You Need a Professional to Repair Your Countertops?

Once you've decided that repairing your countertops is the better option, the next step is determining how you want to approach this project. Stone countertop repair can be a do-it-yourself process, but whether this approach makes sense for your situation depends on the damage's severity and your desired results.

In general, you may be able to use stone countertop repair kits (which typically use epoxy) to fix very small chips. A good rule of thumb is that you can probably achieve good results with these do-it-yourself options if the damage is small enough to be difficult to notice. Achieving a good finish for larger chips or very obvious cracks will be much more challenging for the typical homeowner.

If your countertops currently have these larger issues, there may also be structural issues with the stone that can cause it to break. The best option is to contact a professional repair contractor in these cases. An expert can evaluate your countertops, determine the best method to repair the damage and perform a fix that will blend in with your existing countertops as seamlessly as possible.

Contact a local countertop repair service to learn more.

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